It's Boerie Perfection!

The search for the perfect boerie was frustrating. No one could make boerie that was pure in texture and rich in flavour. So Mike approached Dewald from Mountain Meats. Together the pair developed a boerie made from pure beef with no artificial additives.. Traditional spices were introduced to complete the creation of the perfect boerie.

Mountain Meats is a ultra hygienic halaal approved manufacturing facility that meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. Similarly Boerie-Express food kitchens follow this philosophy of conforming to stringent standards of perfection to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

Whilst our standard food kitchens measure 2m by 2m, the slightly larger version occupies a footprint of 2,5m by 2.5m and would be a “stretched” version of the unit depicted on the adjoining floor plan. Click here to view/download floor pan.

A powerful extraction unit fronted by Stainless Steel filter screens maintains a clean environment and eliminates airborne fatty deposits on items such as shopping trolleys and parked vehicles. High standards of hygiene are imposed. All work surfaces, exterior finishes and filters are cleaned daily.

A fully researched and tested health and safety programme has been designed to ensure that standards are maintained on an ongoing basis

  • All food kitchens and operating procedures are inspected, audited and certified as Halaal by ICSA (The Islamic Council of South Africa)

  • All aspects of production quality and adherence to correct Muslim food preparation practice are supervised and regularly audited by our quality controller Reyhana Isaacs

  • All staff are regularly supplied with clean uniforms and are well trained and presentable.


  • All cooked products are prepared on steakhouse quality charcoal grills for added flavour.
  • Adequate refrigeration and freezer capacity ensures high standards of freshness, quality and hygiene.