Passion and Experience

About Us

The Boerie-Express concept was created by the passion and experience of Mike Currie and Adriaan Jooste.

Mike has been closely involved in the food and hospitality industry for most of his life.

Adriaan has, since an early age, been a passionate exponent of the art of the perfect boerie-braai.

Later in life Adriaan pursued a career in the accounting profession. Mike met Adriaan through his acquisition of a chain of coffee shops in the Cape for which Adriaan was the accountant. Mike's ability to feed people heart-warming food and Adriaan’s refinement of this skill into a profitable business operation culminated in the simple concept of providing Builders Warehouse customers with a tasty boerie roll off a simple braai outside busy Builders Warehouse outlets on a Saturday morning before the rugby.

The high demand that resulted necessitated the distillation of their ideas into the shiny polished aluminium food kitchens that now represent Boerie-Express at various venues throughout the Western Cape. Few South Africans that pass by the delicious aroma of boerewors sizzling on the braai are able to resist the call. Those who have seen a Boerie-Express outlet in operation will have noted the deep queues.